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Health Concept Heat Therapy Products

Health Concept Heat Therapy Products

Benefits of Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy, also called thermotherapy is the use of heat in therapy for pain relief and health. It can be beneficial for those with arthritis and stiff muscles, and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin. Heat may be an effective self-care treatment for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Heat Therapy is commonly used for rehabilitation purposes. The therapeutic effects of heat include decreasing joint stiffness, reducing pain, relieving muscle spasms, reducing inflammation, and aids in the post acute phase of healing and increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow to the affected area provides protein, nutrients and oxygen for better healing.

How our Product Works?

"Good Blood and Oxygen Circulation are critical to health". When circulation is bad, one feels pain, numb, sore, ache, discomfort etc. Root cause of many issues is due to poor circulation of blood and oxygen. Improving circulation is natural cure to many issue.

Our belt uses natural properties of Tourmaline Crystal Powder to emit Tourmaline Crystal Energy and Far-Infrared Heat to stimulate body to improve blood circulation internally. This increased blood circulation is often manifested as an internal warming or heating up of the body part which directly contacts our products. Through wearing this product, it simulates the therapeutic effects of Heat Therapy and facilitates the body's self-healing process for many issues.

It does not rely on drugs or medicine to be applied or consumed. Thus it is a safe and natural way to help the body heal itself over time.