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Health Concept Heat Therapy Back Vest

  • Health Concept Heat Therapy Back Vest

Health Concept Heat Therapy Back Vest

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Heat Therapy Back Vest

Suitable for Back Aches and Pain

Heals Over-Strain and Muscle Injuries to Back


Most of us who sit too long in office experience back ache. As we grow older, this is also inevitable. Even athletes may also over-strain themselves and incur back-related injuries. Back Aches / Pains are extremely bothersome. We cannot enjoy our life fully and affect our general sense of well-being.

Health Concept Heat Therapy Back Vest complements our Health Concept Heat Therapy Waist Belt, Shoulder Belts and Neck Belt. It is effective against common back issues like back aches and sore muscles around the back area. It is also effective for healing sports-related injuries caused by over-exertion to the back muscles.

After using for about 10-60 minutes, it provides deep heat penetration to promote blood circulation and increase metabolism around the entire back area. This effectively relieves and heals over time various back related issues.


Product Maintenance
Product may be hand-washed, but avoid scrubbing.
Effect will not be lost after washing. Product can last very long (at least 150 times), and subject to normal wear and tear of fabric material.



Additional Note
* Product is free-sized and can be used for small or medium body build.
* The vest is made of high-quality, comfortable and stretchable fabric, and straps are provided for adjusting the fit.


Features & Benefits
Relieves Sore Muscles
Relieves Sports Injuries
Promote Blood Circulation
Relieves Shoulder Aches and Pain
Provides Deep Heat Penetration

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