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Health Concept Heat Therapy Shoulder Pad

  • Health Concept Heat Therapy Shoulder Pad

Health Concept Heat Therapy Shoulder Pad

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Heat Therapy Shoulder Pad

Suitable for Shoulder Aches and Stiff Shoulders

Easy to Wear


Neck and Shoulder issues are very common and also very uncomfortable. They tend to come hand-in-hand - Eg. Stiff Shoulders, Stiff Necks. Shoulder issues limit our mobility, and in severe cases, prevent us from sleeping well at night, and give us headaches. Even for younger people active in sports, there is possibility of over-straining or even dislocating the shoulders which if not healed properly, results in rheumatism when they grow old.


Health Concept Heat Therapy Shoulder Pad is effective against common shoulder issues and helps to heal sports-related injuries to the shoulder, or relieves muscle strains due to over-exertion or poor postures over time.

After using for about 10-60 minutes, it provides deep heat penetration to promote blood circulation and increase metabolism around the entire shoulder area. This effectively activates the body's self-healing process to address the issues. Thus the Shoulder Belt is suitable as a daily Shoulder care product to heal long-term Shoulder issues over time and aids faster recovery of shoulder-related injuries.


Product Maintenance
Product may be hand-washed, but avoid scrubbing.
Effect will not be lost after washing. Product can last very long (at least 150 times), and subject to normal wear and tear of fabric material.


Additional Notes
* Product is free-sized and can be worn like a coat over the shoulder. It does not dropped easily, so there is no need for strapping unless the body is of small frame and strapping may be needed to prevent it from falling off.
* It is best suited for small to medium built up to shoulder width of 50 cm. For bigger built, need to use the Heat Therapy Shoulder Belts which can be used for all sizes.


Features & Benefits
Increase Metabolism
For Long Term Healing
Relives Shoulder Injuries
Promote Blood Circulation
Provides Deep Heat Penetration
Relieves Shoulder Aches and Pain
Adjustable to suit Small to Medium Frame

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