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Health Concept Heat Therapy Elbow Guard

  • Health Concept Heat Therapy Elbow Guard

Health Concept Heat Therapy Elbow Guard

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Health Concept is an international brand focusing on 
Healthcare and Wellness Solutions.

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Heat Therapy Elbow Guard

Health Concept Elbow Belt is effective as elbow guard during sports, and useful for healing various elbow issue such as sports-related injuries to the elbow, muscle strains due to over-exertion, tennis and golf elbows. It is also helpful for the elderly to address their issues due to Arthritis and Rheumatism.

  •  After using for about 10-60 minutes, it provides deep heat penetration to promote blood circulation and increase metabolism around the entire elbow area. This effectively activates the body's self-healing process. Thus the Elbow Belt is suitable as a daily elbow care product to heal long-term elbow issues over time and aids faster recovery of Elbow-related injuries.

Additional Notes

  • Each Order is for 1 Piece, and not 1 Pair.
  • Belt is Free size, can be adjusted to fit different sizes using velcro stripes.
  • Belt is useful as elbow guard during racket games, to prevent sports injuries.

Product Maintenance

  • Product may be hand-washed, but avoid scrubbing the Tourmaline Area.
  • Effect will not be lost after washing. Product can last very long (at least 150 times), and subject to normal wear and tear of fabric material.

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