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Neck Relax Mate

  • Neck Relax Mate

Neck Relax Mate

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If you have ever suffered from neck pain or pinched nerves in the neck, your Doctor may have recommended Forward Head Posture be the root cause and recommended neck traction as a form of treatment.
Our Neck Relax helps stretch the cervical spine to its normal curvature. By laying face up on it, the weight of your head acts as a traction system, helping to alleviate tension headaches and neck pain by gently stretching the upper chest and anterior neck muscles.
The Neck Relax can be an effective therapy for neck problems and can help with relief of pain, decrease pressure on nerves and ease muscle spasms. It may improve the blood supply to neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments and promote relaxation by relieving pressure, stiffness and stress in the neck, head, and shoulders.
It’s lightweight, comfortable to use, easy to travel with and effective for neck pain relief. Just lie on it and relax. Use for 10 minutes per session, 2 sessions a day. You’d be surprised by its amazing therapeutic effects.



  • Relieves neck pain
  • Eliminates neck muscle tension
  • Reduces shoulder muscle strain
  • Corrects forward head posture
  • Prevents frozen shoulders
  • Restores normal curve in the neck
  • Improves blood circulation


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