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Jade Massage Waist Belt with Heat and Vibration Function

  • Jade Massage Waist Belt with Heat and Vibration Function

Jade Massage Waist Belt with Heat and Vibration Function

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Jade Massage Waist Belt utilizes healing energies of natural jade stones and has both slimming and vibration features. Through varying levels of heat and vibration, it helps to burn fat and slim your waistlines to reduce beer belly gradually. It is a very good healthcare product for both slimming and ache relief over a period of usage.



- Easy and convenient to operate

- Separate control for temperature and vibration Intensity

- Advanced far infrared ray wave heating technology is applied to enhance the heating effect

- The cover is made of waterproof PVC material



- Promote blood circulation

- Alleviate waist ache

- Maintain warmth for the kidney (important for men!)

- Alleviate female menstrual pain

- Support the lumbar vertebra

- Regulate the reproductive system

- Relieve nerve pain and muscle sore

- Firming the thighs, hips, buttocks

- Promote body detoxification

- Helps Slimming



- Requires power supply to operate

- DO NOT use product at wet locations

- Cannot use the product when outer waterproof PVC material is spoiled

- Cannot use the product while sleeping

- Cannot disassemble the product for use

- Cannot be used by people who are pregnant, kids, and those suffering from hyper-tensions, heart troubles, weak wisdom and inability to self manage their life

- Never use the product when it is damaged (e.g. loose cables, torn PVC cover)

Separate Remote Control for temperature and Vibration Intensity

Scenarios where this Belt can be applied

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Those who believe in the a New Age philosophy that crystals have life altering heath benefits, say that Jade stones have the following healing effects:

- Jade crystals contain energies that will boost ones good fortune

- It is believed to be the "Stone of Self" - instills self confidence, assist in self assurance, self reliance and self sufficiency

- It is a very powerful healing stone that purifies the body and spirit

- It gives strength to fight sickness and diseases

- It is said that those who carry jade carries love

- It stimulates creativity and mental alertness

- Jade's energies have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the wearer

- Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against negative energies

- It is helpful for kidney, heart and stomach ailments




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