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Heat Therapy Gloves (Unboxed)

  • Heat Therapy Gloves (Unboxed)

Heat Therapy Gloves (Unboxed)

  • Brand: Health Concept
  • Product Code: Heat Therapy Gloves (Unboxed)
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Product is Unboxed Version of an established Brand in Hong Kong and marketed internationally as HEALTH-CONCEPT BRAND.
This listing comes without any box. 

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Registered with Health Science Authority of Singapore #ES0003424
Registered Trademark of Singapore IPOS. 


1) Product is sold globally except to Hong Kong. Customers in Hong Kong must get the product from any Manning (万宁)Store. 

2) We welcome distributors worldwide to talk to us. Mail us at 
We apologize that we are unable to discuss distributorship in Hong Kong.

Why our Product Works?

Good Blood and Oxygen Circulation are critical to health. When circulation is bad, you feel pain, numb, discomfort etc. Root cause of many sicknesses (even cancer) is due to poor circulation of blood and oxygen. 

But as we age, and due to bad habits - Lack sleep, lack exercises, Poor Postures etc. - this circulation gets impeded and all sorts of aches and sicknesses starts showing. Re-activating back this circulation is the cure to many issues.Our Health-Concept Heat Therapy Belts offer a safe, convenient, easy and drug-free approach. They use natural properties of Tourmaline to release Far Infra-Red Energies to Deep Body Tissues. This Expands Blood Vessels, Increase Blood Circulation, Activates Blood Cells, and Removes Toxin from Body. Even at room temperature, just by wearing the belt for 5-30 min (depend on body condition), the Tourmaline may make the body feel hot, spicy or itchy – normal reactions to blood circulation being activated. You feel these sensations even though the belt remains at room temperature. This is because stimulation of blood circulation works inside the body.


 Some of us experiences stiff fingers, which makes it difficult or painful to bend, and we cannot move our fingers flexibly. The most commonly reported cause is joint and muscle strain. Activities that are strenuous on the fingers, such as weight-lifting, golf, or even prolonged typing etc. can cause the finger ligaments to thicken, thus impeding movements. Numbness due to severe cold is another cause, and it may also be a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, which causes inflammation to the joints.



 Health Concept Therapy Gloves

Health Concept Therapy Gloves is natural, safe, drug-free, non-invasive, and cost-effective remedy for such issues. They generate far-infrared energy to gently increases blood circulation to stimulate healing process such as tissue regeneration and inflammation reduction. 

You can wear these gloves while you work, rest or sleep, and most of you will experience a comfortable warm sensation around the hands. The heating up of tissues promote blood circulation to stimulate the healing processes, and relieve pain symptoms in hands and fingers. These gloves are designed as a daily care product to heal long-term finger related issues and treat most arthritis over time.

Why Our Product Works?

Good Blood and Oxygen Circulation are critical to health". When circulation is bad, one feels pain, numb, sore, ache, discomfort etc. Root cause of many issues is due to poor circulation of blood and oxygen. Improving circulation is natural cure to many issue. Our belt uses natural properties of Tourmaline Crystal Powder to stimulate body to improve blood circulations internally, promoting body's self-healing process for many issues.

It does not rely on drugs or medicine to be applied or consumed. Thus it is a safe and natural way to help the body heal itself over time.


We sell fully-covered gloves that covers the entire fingers. In some instances, leaving the tip of fingers exposed is more convenient for computer and mobile phone related work. Different individuals may have different preferences on length of finger tips to be exposed. This requirement can be tailored to suit each individual by using a pair of scissors to cut off the tips of the finger area of the glove as desired. If there is no requirement to expose the finger, it is perfectly OK to leave the glove intact without any cutting. It may be useful to consider having 2 pairs - 1 when you sleep where full fingers are covered, another another when you need to work.


- People who have pain or numbness in hand

- People with stiff fingers or joint arthritis or rheumatism issues

- People of all ages in cold weather

Long-distance drivers or people working in air-conditioned rooms


- Elderly when sleeping in cold climate or air-conditioned rooms


- Product may be hand-washed repeatedly as required and effect will not be lost

- Product effect can last very long, subject to normal wear and tear of fabric material.

Additional Notes

- Each order is for 1 PAIR of gloves with for the left and right hand

- We cater for 2 sizes : Medium and Large. Product is elastic and can be expanded for different palm size

- Product can also be used as thermal gloves to keep hands warm when traveling to cold countries


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