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Anti-Snore Nose Clip

  • Anti-Snore Nose Clip

Anti-Snore Nose Clip

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Is your partner fast becoming your official (and unwelcomed) alarm clock?

Does he/she shake the bed-room with his/her thunderous roar (… I mean snore)?

Or maybe you are the problem, and affecting your partner’s sleep?

With this product, there is no more need to stuff cotton wool into your ears, or entertain murderous thoughts in the middle of the night!


Snoring is the cause for conflict in a lot of relationships. A 2005 National Sleep Foundation survey revealed 31% of couples are making changes to their sleep habits directly due to their sleep partner’s loud snoring. Also, when compared 34% of the women who participated report they needed eight or more hours of sleep every night while only 18% of their male counterparts said the same thing. The survey also revealed:

- 23 % admit to sleeping separately. They either sleep in separate beds, bedrooms or with someone on the couch

- 8 % report they are forced to alter their sleep schedules; This could mean staying up very late and sleeping in the morning when their sleep partner has left for work.

- 7 % report they need earplugs or a sleep mask in order to good deep sleep

- 38 % report their sleep partner’s snoring problem has caused damage to their relationship

- 27 % admit the intimacy in their relationship has been affected by sleepiness

When compared – 34 percent of women who participated said they needed eight hours or more of sleep, as opposed to 18 percent of men.


The Snore-Free Nose Clip is an ingenious device designed for people who suffer from a blockage located in the nasal passage that is responsible for snoring. It helps to prevent and control mild to moderate snoring and breathing problems.

The clips with the magnets inside, helps the nostrils and nasal passage wider apart to eliminate congestion and hindrance to respirations while sleeping. It lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep while letting your loved ones have a peaceful slumber without need to undergo invasive surgery, uncomfortable devices and contraptions that could cost a fortune and inconvenience. It is a safe alternative solution to the usual snore treatment in an inexpensive and safe way.


- Effectively helps resolve mild to moderate snoring problems

- Magnet insider the nose clip assists the elderly for normal nasal respiration/breathing

- Made from quality silicone material and rare earth magnet developed by NASA

- Comfortable and gently fits nostrils

- Very easy to use and easy to clean

- Comes with a travel case for safe storage and easy carrying



- 1 x Nose Clip with Magnets

- 1 x Carrying Case

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