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Self Therapy Products

Self Therapy Products

Neck-aches, Back-aches, Shoulder Aches, Knee Pains etc. affect our well-being. We cannot enjoy life fully, and left untreated, can escalate into serious issues later. Whether for ourselves, or for someone we really cared about – Eg. elderly parents, spouse, siblings, relatives and friends suffering from various aches - this is one of the most practical gift.

The natural health properties of  Tourmaline Crystal has long been known and you can easily google them. Our specially designed Tourmaline Belts uses proven properties of Tourmaline to stimulate different parts of the body to improve their blood circulation internally, which results in body's self healing process for many issues. Depending on individual body conditions and sensitivity to Crystal Energies, Users typically feel warm/hot/itchy as a result of this stimulation. Even though one may not feel anything, the Improved blood circulation has been scientifically verified.

 So if you understand that improving blood circulation will help you, you would appreciate this product!

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline has been known as a miracle stone which generates electricity since the beginning of the 18th century. It was named as "Electronic Stone" (电气石)by Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), Swedish botanist and physician.  In the 19th century, the brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie and Riecke illustrated how tourmaline generates electricity.

Tourmalines' positive effects particularly on the human body started to attract attention in the 1990's. It is believed that the effects are due to the electronic properties of tourmaline and the chemical elements contained in the stone. Various effects on animals and plants were also reported.

Refer Here for Health Effect of Tourmaline

How Our Products Work?

Good Blood and Oxygen Circulation are critical to health. When circulation is bad, you feel pain, numb, discomfort etc. Root cause of many sicknesses (even cancer) is due to poor circulation of blood and oxygen. Read More Here

Function of Blood (and Qi) circulation bring nutrients and oxygen to cells and organs, and to remove waste / toxic elements / dead cells / carbon dioxide. As we age, and due to bad habits - Lack sleep, lack exercises, Poor Postures etc. - this circulation gets impeded and all sorts of aches and sicknesses starts showing. Re-activating back this circulation is the cure to many issues.

While there are many ways to do this, our belts offer a safe, convenient, easy and drug-free approach. They use  natural properties of Tourmaline to release Far Infra-Red Energies to Deep Body Tissues. This Expands Blood Vessels, Increase Blood Circulation, Activates Blood Cells, and Removes Toxin from Body. Even at room temperature, just by wearing the belt for 5-30 min (depend on body condition), the Tourmaline may make the body feel hot, spicy or itchy – normal reactions to blood circulation being activated. You feel these sensations even though the belt remains at room temperature! This is because stimulation of blood circulation works inside the body.

With improved blood circulation, many issues will be healed over time. Eg. Aches, Cramps, Strains, Sprains, Joint Disorders etc. Metabolism is also increased, and calories burn faster.



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